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Step up support for students who need a more personalized referral experience

Guide students to the right providers based on your assessment of their needs and minimize dead-ends by creating custom referral lists with real-time provider availability.
Referral list

Create custom referral lists that fit students' individual needs

Some students prefer contacting a short list of providers shared with them by a staff clinician or case manager. Point these students in the right direction by giving them a custom referral list.

Student availability

Connect students to providers with availabilities that fit their schedules

There's no use in a student wasting their time reaching out to a provider who doesn't have matching availability. Save your students the wasted effort by quickly identifying providers who can meet with your students when they are free.


Keep your referral work organized and on-track

Simplify record-keeping, follow-up, and referral progress tracking with all of your team’s referral work stored and organized in one place. See who is in working on each referral and assign referral work between team members.
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