Improve access to off-campus mental health care for students

Bridge the gap between your campus and community providers so students can access the care they need to thrive.
Eastern Connecticut State University
Connecticut College
Kennesaw State University
Maryland Institute College of Art
University of South Carolina
SUNY Oswego
Emmanuel College

It's getting harder to meet students' growing mental health needs, and staff can't do it alone.

More students than ever are seeking mental health care, and too many are struggling and failing to reach it.

We've learned from staff, students, parents, and community providers about the barriers that get in between students and care and the gaps they fall into trying to access it off campus.

With provider-managed profiles, a mobile friendly directory with built-in help guides, and custom referral lists, ThrivingCampus bridges the gap between your campus and your community, so students can navigate around barriers and access the care they need thrive.

Break down barriers between your students and care

Invite your provider list and access a shared and growing community of licensed mental health clinicians who work with students

Publish a mobile-friendly directory with provider-managed profiles and built-in help guides that support students through the process

Create and share custom referral lists with students, giving them everything they need in one place to take action and move forward

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