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Connect students to off-campus mental health referrals wherever they are.
Introducing: Help Center New

A comprehensive and fully customizable database of help topics to guide your students on their help-seeking journeys. And it's completely FREE.

Your help center covers everything from finding a provider to paying for therapy. Topics include:

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Support students on their help-seeking journeys with off-campus referral management tools that they can use on their own or with counseling center staff.

Access a growing nationwide community of providers

Connect your students to over 20,000 verified therapists, prescribers, and group practices eager to receive student referrals for in-person and telehealth care. Invite your list of off-campus providers to create profiles while accessing the shared community built in collaboration with every school that uses ThrivingCampus.

Step up support for students who need a more personalized referral experience

Guide students to the right providers based on your assessment of their needs and minimize dead-ends by creating custom referral lists with real-time provider availability.
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Empower students to seek help on their own

Give students 24/7 access to a searchable directory of off-campus providers plus the support they need to seek and engage with therapists successfully.

Close the loop on referrals

Track how many students are searching for, messaging, and scheduling appointments with providers—all viewable from within your personal reporting dashboard.
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Get started quickly

Get up and running in no time with day 1 access to our nationwide community of providers, tools to help you invite your favorite providers, and training for your staff.

Maintain security and accessibility

Improving student access to care means improving it securely and for everyone. We’ve gone above and beyond the standard security and accessibility requirements set forth by HIPAA and Section 508.
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