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Empower students to seek help on their own

Give students 24/7 access to a national directory of off-campus providers plus the support they need to seek and engage with therapists successfully.
Example student directory

Give students direct access to the community

Whether students are back at home or on campus, they have access to thousands of providers across the country who are eager to hear from them for in-person or telehealth sessions. Students can discover their next therapist by filtering across a number of criteria like expertise, insurance, identities, and religions. Students can get directions to and contact providers directly from their profiles.

Common student questions

Demystify the help-seeking process

Searching for mental health care can be confusing and exhausting, especially when you aren't feeling your best. What does in-network mean? What should I say when calling or messaging a provider? Students who don't get the answers they need to understand the process can get frustrated and fall through the cracks before even reaching out to a provider. The directory we publish for your school includes a help guide that answers common questions so students can build the help-seeking skills they need to connect with care in college and beyond.

Cross device compatibility

Eliminate unnecessary friction

No busy student wants to download yet another app or register for yet another account before they can get help. That's why ThrivingCampus works in all major browsers on smartphones, tablets and personal computers. No downloads or signup required.
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