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Access a growing nationwide community of providers

Replace your outdated spreadsheet with a nationwide community committed to improving student access to mental health care.
Nationwide community of providers

Improve your reach

With over 20,000 verified providers in 50 states, ThrivingCampus will help you tailor the right care options to any student no matter where they are.
  • Our community includes therapists, prescribers, group practices, and treatment centers. We support any provider or practice type you’re used to working with.
  • Choose from both in-person and telehealth options.
  • Discover new providers added by other schools. The more schools using ThrivingCampus in your area and beyond, the larger the community.

Minimize dead ends

Minimize dead-ends

Students have limited time and energy to seek care, and contacting providers who aren’t available or likely to match their needs can quickly derail help-seeking. Give students a better chance to reach care by helping them avoid dead ends.
  • Provider-managed profiles unburden your team from keeping track of who takes which insurance and who is available when.
  • Send providers CareRequests to get just-in-time availability for specific days and times a student is free to initiate a warm handoff.
  • Automated reminders for providers keep profiles updated when practice information inevitably changes.

Exercise control

Exercise control

We only want your students to access the providers you want them to.
  • If you already have relationships with local providers, easily invite them to participate.
  • Block specific providers from appearing in your school's directory as you see fit.
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